Firm Profile

Heather, Sanguinetti, Caminata & Sakai, Inc. (HSCS) was acquired effective January 1, 2019 by Schwartz, Giannini, Lantsberger & Adamson (SGLA).  SGLA looks forward to continue providing our clients with the services that you expect from HSCS.  SGLA is a full-service accounting firm that provides tax and accounting services, including auditing and back office bookkeeping and payroll.  SGLA will operate out of the HSCS office on Herndon Place as well as the location at 4578 Feather River Drive Suite D in Stockton.


The firm of Heather, Sanguinetti, Caminata & Sakai, Inc., Certified Public Accountants dates back to 1940 with the start of the firm by Frank Scott, CPA. The formative years began in 1946 with the purchase of the firm by Emile R. Jardine. James G. Heather joined the firm in 1952, followed by Robert B. Sanguinetti in 1954. Thomas S. Sakai and Daniel J. Caminata joined the practice in 1964 and 1965. Andrew R. Smith joined the firm in 1978. The firm was incorporated as a California professional corporation in 1981. Carol J. Watkins joined the firm in 1983.

Heather, Sanguinetti, Caminata & Sakai primarily serves local clients with accounting, income and estate tax services, and management advisory services. Although the firm has clients as distant as the East Coast, the principals feel that local businesses and clients are best served by local advisors. In order to maintain the highest possible level of service, Heather, Sanguinetti, Caminata & Sakai provides each of its clients personalized service through direct contact with one of the firm’s principals.

Bob Sanguinetti (retired in January 2018, passed away in May 2018) and Dan Caminata (retired in January 2019) are native Stocktonians who chose to return following their college educations. Bob received his MBA from Stanford University and Dan received his undergraduate degree from the University of San Francisco. Tom Sakai, who passed away in 1997, was also a native Stocktonian who received his degree from San Francisco State University. Jim Heather (retired in 2011), passed away in 2016, graduated from Lodi High and received his college education at University of the Pacific. Jim, Bob, Dan and Tom each joined the firm after college and received their training directly from Emile R. Jardine. Andy Smith received his baccalaureate from University of the Pacific and his accounting education at Humphrey’s College and joined the firm after four years with other local firms. Carol Watkins received her BS degree from University of the Pacific and joined the firm after two years experience with a national firm. The firm feels that their intimate knowledge of Stockton gives them an insight to best serve its clients and the opportunity to be part of Stockton’s growth and future.

The current chapter in the firm’s history was opened in 1976 with the retirement of Emile R. Jardine. The firm relocated in 1991 to its present location after twenty-eight years at its downtown location and fifteen years on March Lane.


PEER REVIEW as of February 2, 2017

The shareholders and staff of Heather, Sanguinetti, Caminata & Sakai, Inc., CPAs are pleased to announce the successful completion of an independent peer review of our accounting practice. This review was undertaken as a condition of membership in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the national organization of CPAs in public practice, industry, government and education.

In 1988, the members of the AICPA overwhelmingly approved a proposal to require members in public practice to participate in a practice-monitoring program. With the adoption of this proposal, the AICPA implemented a peer review program of unprecedented scope in the CPA profession or any other. Our participation in peer review demonstrates our firm's desire to measure up to the profession's high standards of professionalism and our commitment to maintaining and improving the quality of our practice.

Our peer review was conducted by Kennedy & Kennedy, a CPA firm based in San Bernardino, California. The reviewers first determined that we have an adequate quality control system, and then checked to see that professional standards were followed in a representative sample of our accounting engagements.

After thorough study of our policies and procedures, the reviewers concluded our firm complies with the stringent quality control standards established by the AICPA. Our firm is committed to periodic peer reviews to foster quality performance. If requested, the firm will provide a copy of the report on the results of the review to all interested parties although it is not required to do so.

Bankers, bonding agents, investors, suppliers, legal advisors and others use the financial statements our firm reviews or compiles. We think those people, our clients, and our own staff deserve independent quality assurance that our firm provides quality services. We are proud of our peer review results and would be happy to answer any questions you might have.